"When I was little, I wanted to be a zookeeper. Then a veterinarian, then an actress – artist was never on my list. Come junior year of high school, I found myself heavily addicted to a video game called League of Legends. So, like any sane person, I derailed my whole life by deciding to pursue my career as a video game developer. Clearly, it didn’t work out and I chose to draw instead. More specifically, I made the switch to illustration in my 3rd year of college and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. So now, I am Officially An Artist™. And I can’t imagine being anything else. I can’t imagine being happier doing anything else.

It was not an easy road, though. There were countless nights filled with doubt and self-loathing, fueled mainly by enrolling in a hyper-conceptual art school full of talented peers with impressive art backgrounds (of which I severely lacked), but I’d traverse that rocky path over and over again to be here. To be surrounded by so much support, and to be doing what I love. I can only hope to grow now as a bigger and better artist.

If there is any takeaway from my story, I want it to be that things don’t often go the way we planned them to, and that part of life should be reveled in. Also, that it’s never too late to pick up a pencil."


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