How To Take Care Of Your Prints
Having a shirt that lasts is something that everyone wants, but are you taking care of the print?
We inspect all of our prints before they leave our senpai shop, but making that design last to keep flexing your senpai merch requires care. Have you ever pulled out a shirt that became faded, and cracked? Heres how to prolong the life of your favorite tee:

  1. Always wash your shirts when you get them! - a lot of places (including us!) use pretreat to make sure your print last. It might look wet (even though its dry) or stained - all it needs is a wash and you are good to go!
  2. Wash your shirts in cold water. -  if you want to go the extra mile, wash your shirt inside out, that is the best way to protect the print.
  3. Consider using delicate detergent - Harsh detergent can strip your prints.
  4. Hang to dry - this is easy to do when its warm outside, and its the best way to avoid fading and cracking. most of this is caused by drying your prints in high heat. If you have to use the dryer, use the lowest setting. Making sure it's fully dry is also important.
  5. Avoid drying your shirts in direct sunlight. sunlight makes prints fade. its that simple - White shirts fade faster than black shirts, just because of the way they are printed.
  6. Iron your shirts inside out if you are ironing them. you don't want to a) burn off the print or b) have the print stick to your iron. There are many different ways of printing a shirt, and some ways can be easily destroyed by a hot iron if you are not careful.

Following these 6 steps with any printed tee (not just ours!) can really prolong your favourite shirt, so you can keep wearing it over and over.