Ask an Artist: Burnout and Motivation

How do you deal with burnout or just lack of motivation in general?

PixelizedPanda: COMPLETELY DETACH. I find it most effective to take a complete step away from my work to kind of reset … make myself miss drawing and designing. 

Ao: Balancing drawing with other daily activities such as physical exercise, socialization, and taking regular breaks are all super necessary for me! I'm still learning to adjust my lifestyle with the hopes I can prevent burnout before it occurs.

Keiid: I rarely experience lack of motivation because I always have a project I look forward on working on. But when I do experience that lack, I go toward other hobbies like sculpting, archery cooking, taking long walks… it always help a whole lot!

Strayuu: i used to force myself more to motivate myself with anything which eventually lead me to a really bad burnout so its always best to take a nice break to reboot your brain and get new ideas that inspire u!

Splatterfilm: Taking a break! Watch some movies or play some games, games especially help keep my creative mood up since games also have a huge influence on my art.

Meeluf: Take a break! This can be by not drawing at all or just doing little doodles.

Purilly: I usually deal with burnout by not forcing myself to draw through it when I don't have motivation - I know some say it's better to just draw through it but I found I just scribble things that I like but mostly I like to go look through artists' galleries and other artwork that will start to bring back my desire to draw again (which works pretty fast). Also I sometimes like to go back to old drawings that I drew many years ago and see if there's anything I'd like to re-visit or re-draw and that REALLY motivates me to draw >:3

Ysa Clemtea: Burnout and lack of motivation is always a struggle and the best way i deal with it is to just step away from art and do other things like physical activities, reading or watching things! It’s important to not force yourself in the moment. Alternatively, if you rather not take a break I think a great way to boost your confidence while still drawing is to go back and learn some of the essential skills over again. I find that when i’m a little lost it’s good to freshen up the basic skills i need to create the type of works i want!

Tikklil: I wait, rest, and try not to force it. When the motivation returns its as good as new :D