Ask an Artist: Inspiration

Where did you get the inspiration? Can I have some pls? 

PixelizedPanda: Super lame answer, but its nearly almost always either from an anime I’m currently watching, or a song that just this different LMAO 

Strayuu: I would get inspired by literally anything like u give me a pickle and I can imagine a whole piece in my head with the pickle on it (but never execute the idea onto the canvas 💔

Splatterfilm: Pokemon and Sailor Moon got me into drawing as a child! I loved making up my own Pokemon and magical girls. 

Superaenbow: I get inspiration from everyone and everything around me! Note down every little thing that gives you any inspiration at all. Then you'll have all kinds of ideas in your hands to always come back to!

Meeluf: I have a list of artists that I like who inspire me. Browsing their works gives me plenty of inspiration and motivation!

Tofublock: inspiration comes from life! make sure to take a walk outside today and admire the scenery!

Ysa Clemtea: Inspiration for me usually comes from series and shows i really enjoy, and also from artists that rly show a unique sense of style! I go on pinterest a lot too and it never fails to give me that extra boost of inspiration! 

Tikklil: A lot of my inspiration comes from looking carefully at the world around. There are small packets of information hidden in everything- nature, people, structures, languages...the internet too. Interpreting those in my own way helps me stay inspired.